Senior Years (IX-XII)

'High school is what kind of grows you into the person you are' ---Giancarlo Stanton

In the senior years, intellectual development gathers pace and students are guided towards a deeper and wider understanding of subjects. This is also a phase of rapid growth in self-awareness and greater engagement with the world. Students are encouraged to make choices based on interest, and take greater responsibility for their learning and growth. They are also provided manifold opportunities to express and explore their uniqueness through art, music, dance, sports, public speaking, writing, and assume leadership roles.

The over-arching focus in the Senior Years, however, is preparing students for academic success in the Board Exams in class X and XII. Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment Patterns are aligned to CBSE guidelines and student learning is optimised through remedial and enhancement classes and individualized teaching. All these efforts are integrated with a strong thrust on building 21st century skills of critical thinking, communication skills and collaboration skills so that our students are well equipped with the right attitudes and attributes to help them succeed in the world after they leave the portals of the school.