The school is a community in which the management, students, teachers and parents are equal stakeholders. It is therefore important that all students, teachers and parents feel a sense of belongingness, and work to bring honour and glory to the school. We wish to build a culture of excellence and an ethos of pride and commitment, and encourage student participation and involvement in all school activities and events.

Students are expected to be honest, polite and well-behaved at all times. Punctuality, regularity, courtesy to teachers and other staff, discipline and an over-riding respect for school rules are some of the qualities expected of each learner and the same are reflected in grades under the ‘Attitudes and Values’ column in the report cards.


• It is mandatory for every student to wear the I-Card to school. In case an I-card is misplaced, a duplicate must be procured at the earliest from the class teacher against a payment of Rs.100.

        Pre Nursery-XII: Green I-Cards (for students using School Transport)

        Pre Nursery-XII: Yellow I-Cards (for Supervision Students/students using Private Transport Facility)

  • Parents are also required to wear the Parent I-Card to gain entry into school. In addition, parents are required to carry the Parent Supervision Card / Bus Card to pick up their ward from school/ Bus Stop.  (Please note that the security guards will stop entry/exit of all defaulters.)

• Acts of indiscipline, particularly the use of foul language, the use of unfair means in a test, truancy, bunking, bullying, violence, stealing, carrying forbidden items, disrespect towards teachers and any other morally reprehensible behaviour will incur serious consequences.

• Senior students and monitors have a special responsibility with regard to the discipline, as also the welfare of students, particularly the younger children.

• Students are expected to respect the property of others. This includes respect for school property.

• Damage caused by accident should be reported at once to the class teacher or to the Principal. Any damage done will be made good by the student. In case of wilful damage to school property the student will have to pay a fine as well as cost of repair/recovery of the goods damaged.

• It is advisable not to bring valuable articles like expensive watches or pens to school. The school is not responsible for goods lost.

• Carrying of cell phones, cameras, iPods etc is strictly prohibited. Permission to carry cell phone to school may be granted on written request of parents, citing valid reason. However, phone must be submitted to the class teacher / Rep on arrival and collected at dispersal. Failure to follow the rule will result in confiscation of the phone till the end of the school year.

• Students are strictly forbidden to carry any kind of liquor, cigarettes, intoxicants, weapons, firearms or any such item that may cause hurt / injury to person or property. Failure to comply with this will be considered an unpardonable offence and strict action will be taken.

• It is also prohibited to bring fire crackers to school. Strict action will be taken against any student who explodes fire crackers in the school premises.

• As a rule, no birthday celebrations are allowed in school. Children should come to school in their uniforms even on birthdays. No distribution of gifts other than toffees is allowed, that too in their own class.

• The school takes a serious view of repeated transgressions for which Red and Yellow cards are issued.

(a) Yellow Card I – served by the Counsellor after two acts of recorded indiscipline.

(b) Yellow Card II – served by the Counsellor for a subsequent act of indiscipline.

(c) Red Card – served by the Principal for acts of indiscipline subsequent to the issuance of the Yellow Card.

• A student may be suspended or asked to leave school on the following grounds:

(a) Repeated acts of indiscipline

(b) Vandalism

(c) Unsatisfactory progress

(d) Detention or repeated detentions in class

(e) Any other reason that brings disrepute to school


• Students must be punctual and come to school on time.

• No child will be allowed entry after start of school ie 8 am.

• Lady helpers will be on duty to escort the students of Nursery to and from the gate.

• No student is allowed to come to school in a self-driven vehicle.

• Parents are not allowed to enter the school premises to drop their wards.


• As far as possible, once a child has come to school, he/she should not ask for short leave.

• A gate pass will be issued to students who deviate from normal mode/time of dispersal because of unavoidable circumstances. The parent concerned must collect the Gate Pass as well as the child from the school reception. No parent would be allowed to go to the class himself/herself for this purpose.

• Parents/attendants of Pre-Primary and Primary Supervision Students must carry the Supervision I-Card whenever they come to pick up their ward/s from school. They will not be allowed to take their ward/s without the I- card.

• Students who come to school and go home in the care of attendants can not leave without the attendant. In case of any delay, they should report to the school reception.

• In case anyone other than the authorized attendant comes to pick up a student, they must carry an authorization letter.

Bus/ Transport

• The school buses run on two separate route plans – Senior Route for classes II-XII and Junior Route for Nursery-I. Please note the two plans follow separate timings and separate bus routes.

• All Bus Routes and bus stops are fixed and final. Request for extension of route / addition of new bus stops will not be entertained.

• Students are required to travel by the same bus route both at the time of arrival and dispersal. No student would be allowed to board a Bus other than the one he/she uses regularly.

• All students are expected to give Bus attendance both ways.

• No student can board the bus without an Identity Card.   

   No parent is allowed to board a school bus.

• All students using the school bus are expected to be at the bus stop at least ten minutes before the arrival time of the bus. Buses will not wait for late-comers.

• Children should stand in a queue to board the bus. They must occupy seats immediately after boarding the bus. 

• The front door of the bus is the only authorized entrance and exit.

• Drivers are authorized to stop at designated stops only. The list of stops is prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of all bus users.

• While the bus is in motion, students must not move around or extend any part of their body out of the bus.

• Unruly behaviour like shrieking, shouting and fighting is strictly prohibited.

The bus in-charges / lady marshals and student bus monitors are responsible for maintaining discipline in the buses. Any serious offence must be reported to the Transport In-charge and the Vice-Principal.

• Students will be held responsible for any damage caused to the bus through negligence or vandalism. 

Repeated acts of indiscipline may result in withdrawal of bus facility

• A student exhibiting behaviour which jeopardises the safety of others will also not be permitted to continue using the bus.

• If a student wishes to change or discontinue transport facility provided by the school, request must be submitted personally to the Transport Manager by filling up the Transport Facility Proforma, giving one clear calendar month’s notice or a month’s fee in lieu of. The proforma can also be can be downloaded from the school website. Verbal requests will not be entertained. A change of bus route due to change of address will be allowed depending upon the availability of seats in the required bus.

• Only students who have paid the bus fee are entitled to use the school bus. Strict action will be taken against students caught using the bus without paying the fee.

Leave of Absence

• In order to avail leave of absence, an application along with supporting documents (if applicable) must be submitted to the following: 
      Class Teacher : For leave up to one week 
      Headmistress : For leave beyond one week, up to a month 
      Principal : For leave beyond one month

• In case a student is absent from school for a period of 45 days or more without any information, his/her name will be struck off the rolls and parents will have to apply for re-admission to the school at which time all the fees payable at the time of admission will have to be paid.

• For outstation leave/long leave during school days, written permission must first be obtained from the Principal / Vice Principal / Headmistress / and the class teacher must be informed of the same.

• Students who have been on leave for a period of seven days or more because of any illness/contagious disease must produce a Medical Certificate as well as a doctor’s Fitness Certificate on joining school. This needs to be duly signed by the Principal/ Headmistress before the student can sit in his/her class.

• In case a student is required to leave early, a Short Leave Application signed by the parent/legal guardian is to be sent to the Senior/Junior Headmistress / Middle School Coordinator/ Pre-Primary Coordinator (as the case may be) within one hour of start of school on the day when the leave is to be availed. No request would be entertained thereafter except in case of emergencies.

• On days of Assessments/Tests students will be marked absent if they leave early. Parents must ensure they do not send their wards to school when they are sick. A student suffering from any contagious disease will not be allowed to sit for a test/examination.

• Record of non-attendance, stating the reason for each day of absence from school, must be duly filled in the Almanac and signed by the parent.