Pre-Primary Years (Pre-Nursery - II)

The Pre-Primary Education at DPSSL is all about 'Roots to Grow and Wings to Fly'…..a promising start in life

We imbibe in children love for learning from an early age in an environment that is nurturing, stimulating, enriching, enabling and fun. The most important goal to us is equipping the children with the 21st century skills with the help of a highly motivated, qualified and well-trained team of teachers who bring out the best in every pupil. In partnership with parents and the community, it’s our mission to help our students reach their highest potential in becoming productive, life-long learners, messengers of peace and future leaders in all walks of life.

The Pre-Primary Wing of DPSSL is a fertile land where children are actively engaged, spirited and have fun-experimenting, pretending, creating, exploring and imagining. To achieve this, the DPSSL Pre-Primary wing has a specially designed concept-oriented, theme based curriculum which ensures holistic development of a child. The school adopts an Eclectic Approach towards teaching, adapting different theories to meet the needs of different leaners using The Maria Montessori Multi Sensory Play-way Approach , The Reggio Emilia Approach , Piaget Approach.

The whole curriculum is effectively transacted by way of :

♦ Multiple Intelligence Workbooks

♦ Read Programme

♦ Phonics through Multi-Sensory Approch

♦ Jodo Gyan(approach in Mathematics with innovative methods and materials for developing Number Sense)

♦ Brain Gym (for bilateral coordination, body balance, gross and fine motor development)

♦ Music,Art and Craft , Puppet shows

♦ Value based story narrations.


♦ Safe and Secured lush green campus with stringent Security Measures.

♦ Highly qualified and trained staff to impart quality education.

♦ Air Conditioned Auditorium equipped with sophisticated audio/ video and lighting equipment for impressive concert shows.

♦ 100% participation where each child gets the opportunity to perform on stage.

♦ Circle Time for Socio – Emotional development of the children

♦ CCTV surveillance throughout the school campus.

♦ Safe Play Area and unique Nursery Gym for physical activity.

♦ Qualified and trained coaches for Chess, Pottery, Aerobics, Gymnastics, Yoga, Football, Skating, Dramatics and Art/ Craft.

♦ Big and safe Skating Rink for children to learn Skating at an early age.

♦ Robotics for beginners to develop scientific temper.

♦ Well equipped Computer Lab with well developed curriculum for the young learners.

♦ Dedicated Junior Routes for Pre Primary children with a fleet of GPS enabled AC buses with a lady attendant and a trained guard travelling with the students.

♦ 2 well equipped clinics with well-qualified Doctors and Nurses.

♦ 50” LED TVs in all class rooms (Nur & Prep) for audio-visual and interactive modules prepared to support the curriculum.

♦ For the emotional well- being and success of students, the school has 2 trained counselors who offer personal counseling to the students. In addition, 2 Special Educators are at hand to help students with learning difficulties. 

♦ A dedicated Learning Centre is also there as an additional (paid) service to provide remedial support and occupational therapy to children with different learning requirements.