Middle Years (VI - VIII)

'The road to freedom--here and everywhere on earth--begins in the classroom.' --- Hubert Humphrey

The Middle School is one of the most important phases of school life, primarily on account of the fact that it witnesses a child’s journey through the teen age years, a time that plays a vital role in sculpting an adult. Beliefs are formed in these years and those are the beliefs that one carries in one’s adult years. It also is the time for strengthening concepts and honing the additional talents of students. Through quality educational experiences, we ensure that students grow up into productive and responsible citizens of an ever changing global society.

We strive to achieve :

► Developing an academic mindset and mastering core academic content: A well chalked out curriculum that reinforces previous concepts and builds on them supplemented by periodic assessments. Activities for              fostering scientific temper in students and supplementing classroom instructions in science for conceptual development are woven into the curriculum. Educational trips also play a vital role in the same. Class activities such as Elocution, Role-Plays and Dramatics involving all learners, give them the opportunity to hone their skills of public speaking and builds self-confidence.

►  Learning ‘How to learn’: Students are taught to develop study skills and learn time management. They are also taught tenacity to achieve desired results. Regular interactive sessions with teacher mentors and experts in the field, give students the required exposure.

►  Thinking critically and solving complex problems: Hands on experiments and project based learning help in the same. They are also taught to apply the knowledge acquired to beyond the classroom situations.

►  Honing the power of self-analysis: To understand ones strengths and weaknesses.

►  Developing collaborative skills: The same is fostered through team projects, presentations and games.

►  Teaching social skills: A skill that is vital in chalking out success in later years.

►  Teaching Life Skills: Home room periods are devoted to the same involving group discussions based on a pre-determined content.

►  Value Education: The students are actively involved in multiple projects undertaken by Empassion, the social service club of the school. This goes a long way in reinforcing values.

►  Developing a healthy body: All students attend compulsory Yoga classes and Physical Education classes under trained instructors for the same.

The students at the end of the three years are ready to embark upon a domain (Senior School) requiring greater maturity with focus on academics,.