Vividha- Hamari Pehchaan


A scintillating show was put up by the students of Class IV on 25th January 2019 as their Annual Presentation ‘Vividha- Hamari Pehchaan’.

The programme commenced with a welcome song by the Junior School Choir ‘Jai Bharat, Jai Bharti.’ followed by the Principal’s address. Ms Veena Sangar, in her speech emphasized the fact that school and parents are partners in the upbringing of the children She further stated that respecting and preserving our traditions is what patriotism is all about and she urged the parents to co-operate in instilling strong moral values in our children.

On their journey through India, the cultural grandeur of rural and urban life depicted through the tableaus was a visual treat and the students wooed the spectators with their vibrant and colourful dances of diverse India.  The various states to offer a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage, were Maharashtra, Kashmir, West Bengal and Kerala. The foot tapping and lively Bhangra dance from the state of Punjab enthralled the audience.

The show was followed by an award ceremony where students were honoured for their academic achievement for the session 2017-18.

The programme concluded with the Vote Of Thanks proposed by Ms. Leena Singhal, Headmistress Junior School.