'The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct'

The significance of games and sports in school comprise of more than just the benefit of physical activity. Enhanced self-esteem, mental alertness, discipline, teamwork, respect, sportsmanship, health, determination and competitiveness make school sports and games indispensable for every school age child. It is well known that only a sound body can boast of a sound mind. Schools have a prominent part to 'play' in it. Sports and activities under physical education are needed for a balanced school week. Fully acknowledging all these merits, DPSSL strives in providing proper facilities, dedicated instructors and time to help their students pursue sports which is an integral and equally imperative part of its school curriculum.

A wide variety of outdoor and indoor facilities are available on the campus.

Facilities Available:

► Play area for Pre-primary students

►  Football: (50mt× 60mt) ground available in school campus with 3pairs of goal posts.

►  Cricket :02 cemented pitch and 01clay pitch available with net practice

►  Volley ball :Full size ground available in school

►  Basket ball :Full size ground available with 02 pairs of baskets

►  Skating : An indoor Skating Rink has been made available to students under the supervision of external coaches

►  Badminton: A modern badminton court has been made available to the students.

►  Table Tennis: A table tennis room with 3 boards

►  Gymnasium: An indoor gymnasium with all equipment

►  Chess

►  Carrom

In addition to the above weekly classes are conducted under the able supervision of external coaches in the following:

►  Taekwon-do

►  Chess

►  Carrom

►  Table tennis

Each student is encouraged to take part in games on a regular basis. Every morning an hour of specialised training is given by the sports teachers and external coachesto an identified group of students who have been excelling in sports over the years.

Students represent the school in various tournaments at different inter- school , district , state and national level tournaments. For our little ones we have a separate play area where the children can freely enjoy variety of swings. The preliminary training in sports begins right from the basic years under the guidance of our P.E teachers and competitive sports training by qualified teachers begins from class 5 to prepare our future sports heroes.