In the 21st century, technology is omnipresent. In Year 2010, IT maestros of the school blessed with a combination of creativity, intelligence, attitude, originality and vision initiated the computer club - “nCrypt”. It is driven by the motto: “Unparalleled by birth, Insane by choice”. The existence of this club is defined by technology and a little bit of inquisitiveness for this technology is embodied within the members of nCrypt. All members are the same, they are inquisitive and passionate but each one is different in their own special ways. 

The club has now 20+ student members. Every year, nCrypt members organize Inter-House competitions for students to showcase their talents in the field of IT. In 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017; DPSSL has also organized Inter-School IT-Symposium where schools from Gurugram, Delhi and NCR were invited.

Intellectual debates, quest for knowledge and a willingness to redefine everything, are the pillars of the club known as nCrypt.