MYNT Programme at DPS Sushant Lok

We at DPS Sushant Lok believe strongly in the holistic development of the learners placed in our care. This makes it imperative to home not only their academic expertise but also other skills and latent talents, so that the students blossom into complete individuals capable of meeting all challenges of life. In keeping with the ethos of the school in the session 2019-20 students of classes VI-VIII and XI have given an exposure to MYNT (My Next Thing).

Project MYNT aims to equip students with the required skills and experience to take over the world tomorrow. This is done by means of especially curated capsules under experienced professionals that include skill development, practical learning and internship opportunities.

Every Wednesday for an hour students explore skills as diverse as Entrepreneurship, Film Making, Electronic Music Production, Photography, Sports Management and Internet of things. Students being mentored by professionals get an exposure to not only the different aspects of the skill of their choice but also stand motivated by the unique journeys of their mentors, and hence are able to make better career choice.

Project MYNT has been well received by students with all of them looking forward to it every week.