The School, organised an exciting and fun filled five-day long excursion-cum-educational trip to Singapore for 19 students escorted by two teachers, Ms Leena Singhal (Jr HM) and Ms Sonal Khurana from May 28thto June 2nd, 2017. The Singapore journey was really exhilarating from day one as the students were all charged up to explore a new place, often referred to as ‘The Lion City’. The adventure packed five-day tour that included visits to ‘The Merlion,’ the iconic landmark of Singapore and the Singapore Science Centre, exhibiting innovative experiments and models formed a great learning experience for children. The visits to the thrilling Night Safari and the Jurong Bird Park, relaxing at Silosa Beach in Sentosa Island and the fun-filled thrilling rides at the Universal Studios were the other added attractions.

The trip aimed at providing opportunities to students to explore the world outside the classroom, to learn, appreciate and understand different cultures and nationalities and carry back unforgettable and cherished memories.


7 students from classes 7th to 9th went to the United States of America from 17th June 2016 to 28th June 2016 accompanied by their teacher Ms Neeru Gill. During the 10 day long trip organized in collaboration with EdTerra Adventures Pvt. Ltd., the students travelled to USA’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA’s) prestigious Space Centre at Orlando, Florida, the Niagara Falls & New York.

Students returned to New Delhi on 28th June with unforgettable and wonderful memories of the trip. It was an enjoyable travel experience and a fantastic mix of activities for students-education, adventure and fun.


In India....

The Indo-French Exchange Programme 2016-17 took place from November 29th to December 9th, 2016 at DPSSL. A team of nine students and two teachers Ms. Nathalie Cavagna (German teacher) and M. Philippe Cluzel (Art teacher) from College Saint-Joseph in Ambert, France, visited the school. The exchange programme was based on a unique project theme titled ‘Festivals and Traditions.’ The French students stayed with the families of Indian students and learnt more about the Indian culture and way of living. They also attended Indian marriages, visited religious places and participated in specially organized school activities such as Garba Dance, Vedic Maths Lessons, Yoga Sessions, Rangoli Making, Football Match, Cooking Aloo Chaat and Coconut Sweets and Project Discussion. They were also taken to visits of Indian Heritage Sites such as Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Lotus temple and Dilli Haat. The Principal, Ms. SunitaNagpal complemented the students for the success of the programme and stated that such programmesare instrumental in making students aware about other cultures and respecting them. In the second phase of the project, the students of DPSSL will visit France in the month of June 2017. 

In France ....

“As you travel, being totally responsible for yourself, its inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are”.

            As part of Indo-French Exchange programme, 9 students and 2 teachers of DPSSL visited Ambert, a historic French city for eleven days from June 6-17, 2017. The French team of students and teachers had earlier visited India and stayed with Indian families in November 2016.

            On reaching Ambert, the partner school ‘College St. Joseph’, extended a warm welcome. The Principal Ms. Sunita Nagpal met Ms. Patricia, Principal of College St.Joseph and other teachers of the school. Students lived with their host families, which helped our students gain valuable insights into the French life. Students attended Maths, French and English classes to understand their education system.

            ‘Rally de town’ organized by the school made students explore the historic district of Ambert. Ambert is also famous for its living museum of paper, “Richard Le Moulin de Bas”. Here, the Indian students got the golden opportunity to make hand-made paper from cloth pulp. The world famous Fourme D’Ambert cheese is another treat to taste buds. Students visited cheese farm and acquired knowledge of how to make cheese. The visit to French capital of cutlery “Thiers” enlightened them on how knives were handcrafted at this place for centuries. A steep trek to Puy de Dome volcano was challenging and filled with enchanting scenic view. The architectural beauty of black stone lava Cathedral at Clermont and Optical illusions found in the paintings and flooring of Chateau de Mons (castle) was an exhilarating experience to the students.

            The Mayor of Ambert gave an official welcome to our team of students in the Town Hall.

            The school fest at St. Joseph gave our students an opportunity to showcase our Indian music and dance.

            The last phase of the tour was the most awaited visit to the Eiffel tower. The beautiful view of 12thcentury Notre-Dame and the pyramid at the entrance of Louvre left an indelible impression. The long walk in Champs-Elysées, famous for its shops, was a feast to eyes.

            This 11-day tour of Ambert and Paris made students to come out of their comfort zone, build their confidence, develop cultural sensitivity. They also became more conversant in the ‘French’ language. It’s been a great learning experience!!!


Francis Bacon

Going by the wisdom of the above dictum, Delhi Public School, Sushant Lok organised an outstanding 11 day educational program covering the essentials of US East Coast for its young students. The highlights of the programme were the visit to the planet's most advanced space technology centre, the NASA at Kennedy space Centre, Orlando; a city tour of Washington DC- visiting the White House, Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial and the Pentagon; the spectacular Niagara Falls; the mesmerising world of  Disney World and Universal Studios ; and finally the City-New York.

The excitement began on 4th June as the eight eager students along with their teacher Ms. Rakhi Mohan landed in Orlando International Airport where they were met by the journey mentor, Ms Christine.

At Kennedy Space Centre, the young students had a tour in the Explorer’s Bus of NASA's working facility-a highly secured area. Their excitement knew no bounds on seeing the rocket launch pads, the control centres, the Atlantis museum, the heaviest and most expensive rocket Saturn V, and the 3D movies at IMAX that transported them to a different world – the SPACE. The students gained valuable knowledge in the interactive simulator experience of the G force that gave them an inkling of the actual launch into space. The Crème de la crème was the inspirational session with eminent astronaut Mr John Blaha. It was a proud moment as he answered to the query of our student Ojasvi when he asked him about the scientific principle involved behind the launch of a satellite and how they measured the distance as to when the satellites had to be separated from the space shuttles in the sky.

The group then moved on to the second phase of their trip. The Maid of the Mist ferry ride to the foot of the awe inspiring Niagara Falls and the students enjoyed getting drenched in its cascading mist.

The ride to Washington DC was captivating as the open green terrain changed to a more habited one. In short, Washington DC is a beautiful, planned city befitting of being the capital of USA.

In Washington DC, the group was met with a tour guide who took them to the National Mall; home to archetypal monuments including the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument ,U.S. Capitol (east end), and the White House (north). The students enjoyed taking pictures and idling at this iconic place. They moved to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Needless to say, the White House and the 1903 Wright Flyer had the student’s agape (literally meaning the mouth)... It was awesome.

The enthusiastic group moved on to New York, the global power city described as the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world commerce. Their day started with the visit to the Liberty Island, home to the Statue of Liberty, an important part of American history. The students were enthralled in the moments when they saw the Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Centre, 5th Avenue, the Empire State Building and Broadway. Next they visited the 1776 feet tall Freedom Tower; home to the One World Observatory. There’s a reason why “See Forever” is the official tagline of One World Observatory. The payoff was spectacular: a 360-degree panoramic view of New York City through floor-to-ceiling windows that literally took the student’s breath away. The students then visited the 9/11Memorial and solemnly paid homage to all those who had lost their lives.

A visit to Madame Tussaud added the recreational edge to a wonderful trip. The student’s amazement knew no bounds on seeing the lifelike wax figures of their favourite celebrities.

At the culmination of every phase, the children empathetically reviewed the day’s events and recapped their experience in the YAP-Young Author’s Programme.

This 11-day tour of  the East Coast of United States of America made students come out of their comfort zone, build their confidence, develop cultural sensitivity, adapt to Globalization, learn to live independently, learn to live as a team and of course become knowledgeable in Space Ventures. To sum it up, it was a super exciting experience that would be permanently etched in their memories!!!

Going Places: The Lehigh Exerience

Ananya Dhanuka (XI-C) and Saumin Agarwal (XII-B) of DPS Sushant Lok, attended the Iacocca Global Entrepreneurship Intensive (IGEI) summer programme at Lehigh University, USA. It was a 4-week long course from 1st-28th July, 2018. While at IGEI, students attended classes on Business, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

In addition to these academic experiences, Ananya and Saumin also participated in projects with local companies like ‘PBS 39 T.V Station’ and ‘Real Time Cases’. The companies were impressed with their work and were quite enthusiastic to implement their suggestions. Students also took advantage of the opportunity provided to them to present a business idea in front of the Lehigh affiliated, Baker Institute for Innovation.

Beyond these experiences, our students went for the Federal Reserve Bank and Wall Street tour. However, the highlight was their trip to the United Nations Headquarters in New York. They now have friends from 15 countries across the globe and can proudly claim themselves to be global citizens.