Clay Modelling is an outstanding sensory development activity for little hands wherein children learn with their hands on experience. It helps in the development of their fine motor skills. They use their creativity to mould clay for making different objects.


We believe that regular participation of children in Art and Craft activities aids not only in developing their fine motor skills but also help in strengthening their eye hand coordination and their artistic skills.It is an effective way to teach children the importance of patience.Children are able to understand and follow instructions, learn to focus and concentrate. Drawing, folding, picking up objects, turning pages and pinching objects between fingers are used while crafting and this helps in building their fine motor skills. It is an effective way to teach the children the importance of patience.


Dance is a way of moving that uses the body as an instrument of expression and communication. Through dance students learn team work , focus and improvisational skills.Dance steps on various songs are demonstrated by the teachers and afterwards group performances are encouraged. The main objective is to improve gross motor skills, body balancing and listening skills. Emphasis is laid on teaching students the dance form of Kathak.Kathak is one of the ten major forms of Indian classical dance. Learning Kathak dance provides one the benefits of a complete fitness regime combined with a lot of creativity, grace and beauty.


Musical experiences in childhood can actually accelerate brain development , particularly in the area of language acquisition and reading skills. It helps the body and mind to work together. Exposing children to music strengthens memory skills and develops an ear to learn sounds and meaning of words.


Children need to learn the importance of exercises from a tender age. Moving to music is one of the oldest forms of expression. Aerobics are said to be best exercises for children .It keeps them strong , boosts their health and is overall good for their development. It helps to improve cognitive skills, stamina and strength.



Yoga is a helpful tool that can have a positive impact of children. It uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. It also helps to improve health and happiness.Children do various yoga asanas which improve their body postures and flexibility. Yoga also helps to calm and relax their minds. It promotes physical and spiritual well being too.


We aim to encourage interest and involvement in cricket amongst our little students with the specific objective of building confidence to perform at their best and get the enjoyment out of the game. It also helps children to develop their gross motor skills and physical coordination.


It is introduced in Class Prep where basic skills like dribbling, push pass, kicking etc are taught to the little children. The main objective is to develop gross motor skills and by the end of the session children can play modified games.


As it involves balancing and knee bending, skating helps children build strong muscles, maintain a healthy weight and strengthen leg muscles. It is a great exercise to alleviate stress.


Gymnastics involves exercises developing physical agility and coordination. The modern sport of gymnastics involves exercises on bars, beam,floor and vaulting horse. Gymnastics help to develop flexibility, speed, balance, strength, coordination and discipline.


It offers a variety of movements, patterns, strikes, kicks and punches that keep the mind stimulated and the body strong. It enhances self esteem by heightening physical and mental powers.Warm up and various stretching exercises are done in the class. Basic techniques are done in the activity. The main objective of the activity is to enable the children to learn discipline, develop gross motor skills, listening skills and observation skills.


Chess accentuates concentration and mental dexterity required for solving and analysing situations. Children playing chess at an early age exhibit extra ordinary memory skills.


Children are taught Tux Paint which is a free drawing programme designed for young children.It is easy to use and has fun sound effects. The objective of teaching Tux paint is that children enjoy experimenting with colours, different backgrounds and various paint brushes. It improves creativity and learning happens in a play way method.


The main objective is to make children curious about their surroundings, leveraging hands on activities. We achieve the same by making our curriculum STEM focused, which targets the child's gross motor skills. The entire process is blended with activities focusing on science, technology and engineering concepts which are performed by children themselves to ensure the holistic development of the child.