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Classes VI-VIII Celebrate English Week

May 04, 2016

Tell me and I'll forget;
Show me and I may remember;
Involve me and I'll understand.

The young and vivacious scholars from the middle wing of DPS, Sushant Lok explored the pleasure of reading and showcased their love for books through a myriad of activities conducted by the English Department in the third week of April to commemorate The World Book Day. 

Grade VI - Story in a Bag

It is truly said that nothing lights up a child’s brain like play.The students of grade VI tried their hands at writing stories in a most unique and fascinating way. Each crew of six members were provided bags with various objects ranging from an eraser to a photo frame to a teddy and so on….. .The budding authors were then asked to weave a story around the objects, compile them in a book with illustrations and then narrate their stories in the class using the objects as props. It was mesmeric to see the enthusiasm of the children and the kind of work they presented. Their imagination took a great flight with stories revolving around values like citizenship, honesty, respect, diligence etc.


Grade VII- Books & Authors

Students of Grade VII enjoyed an interesting English activity on Books and Authors. 

Students of each section were divided into buddy-groups, comprising of six to seven members in each group. Every group prepared one chart based on an author of their choice. Each chart highlighted the complete life story of the respective author, in terms of his/her - works, noteworthy achievements, awards, memorable quotes, snippets and anecdotes; all beautifully expressed through write-ups, illustrations and pictures. Finally, the charts were put up for a display wherein the students got to witness each other’s work through a Gallery Walk. 

The activity indeed gave the young readers a wonderful opportunity to get a peek into the lives of so many authors at one go!

Grade VIII- In the shoes of Sherlock Holmes.

The students of Grade VIII donned the hat of Sherlock Holmes when they were asked to solve a mystery in their crews with the help of the clues given such as “The Missing File” or “The Case of the Missing Watch” to name a few. Crime scenes were created by the teachers and clues to solve the same were provided to the learners. The students were extremely creative and came up with fantastic solutions to solve each mystery. Team work and enthusiastic presentation of the stories were the highlights of this activity. 

Activity – Word Bird

All the students from Grade VI to grade VIII made beautiful word birds and gave their dreams a rapturous flight. Students of class VI involved themselves in making a short comic strip while class VII wrote famous quotes they like on good character and class VIII took a plunge in writing the names of the books they wish for along with the names of their authors.

It was indeed an action-packed week for the students.