School News

Workshop on Behavioural Issue

February 28, 2017


Date : 08-02-2017(Wednesday)

Event : Workshop

Title:  Behavioural Issue

Venue: Amaltas Hall, DPS, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon

Duration: Two sessions of an hour each  

Attended by:   220 students of class 4

Resource Person: Ms. Seema Nagar (English and Soft Skill Trainer)

Organization: Newspaper in Education

On 8 February 2017, DPS Sushant Lok, conducted a workshop for the students of class IV on the topic ‘Behavioural Issues’ in Amaltas Hall in association with Newspaper in Education (NIE). The resource person for this workshop was Ms. Seema Nagar, English and Soft Skill Trainer.

Ms. Leena Singhal, Headmistress, Junior School welcomed the resource person and initiated the discussion with the students about the meaning and importance of good behavior. She apprised the students about the importance of good behaviour and knowing the different ways and means of conducting oneself.

According to Ms. Seema Nagar, good manners refers to polite, humble, courteous, respectful and well-cultured social behavior. A well-mannered person is respected and held in high esteem wherever he/she goes and in whatever condition of life he/she may be. She explicated that good behavior is not a magic, it is a skill that needs to be cultivated. She also said that manners and politeness will never become old-fashioned. After explaining different types of behavior, she threw light on the do’s and don’ts of maintaining right code of conduct.

All the students gained a lot from the workshop and a learnt an important lesson of life which is to show respect and reverence to all with whom they come in contact.

Ms. Leena Singhal thanked the resource person, for enlightening the youngsters about the magic of good behavior and equipping them with appropriate methods to acquire the same.