School News

Hands on Science Activities for classes VI and VII

January 31, 2017

Learning by doing is perhaps the best way to imbibe a concept.During the month of January  the following activities were conducted for classes VI-VIII to give their concepts o science a stronger foundation.

Ø Changing toy and Drawdio for class VI- Changing toy is the activity that helped the students to understand the concept of reversible and irreversible changes by the use of simple materials like clay and flour. Students made beautiful toys out of these. This was entirely a fun activity. The activity Drawdio was  based on the concept of conductors and insulators.  It included  a cell, pencil, pins and a connector. Students tested the given materials by using the simple tester made by them.

Ø Stethoscope for  class VII-This activity involved making a stethoscope by stretching a half cut balloon on the broad end of a funnel and connecting its narrow end to a plastic pipe. The students were able to understand what heartbeats are why they are produced.

The activities will go a long way in reinforcing and consolidating classroom instructions.