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Adventure Camp at Farmstead – Class X

January 23, 2017

A DAY TRIP for students of class X was organised at "FARMSTEAD " an adventure camp situated on Gurgaon Faridabad Road near village Baliyawas, on 21 January, 2017. Around 131 students with their teachers went for this day trip. Students were divided into groups as per their sections. Each group was placed under an instructor who supervised them through various activities and tasks such as sliding down the zip line, artificial wall climbing, Burma bridge, balance beam, woody wave, rolling inside a "Zorb  ball", climbing up a commando net etc.These were followed by team building activities like Kingline, Hop Skotch, Tug of War etc. After a sumptuous lunch students enjoyed dancing to the latest songs played by the DJ. They ended the excursion with snacks still filled with energy, they left the camp to return to school feeling thrilled at this lovely outing.