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Capacity Building Workshop

January 05, 2017


1.     Name of the workshop   -        Capacity Building Programme In                                                          Accountancy (Class XII)

2.     Nature of Workshop       -        Mandatory

3.     Organizer -                             C.B.S.E.

4.     Topic -                                    Competence Building in Teachers of                                                       Accountancy (Class XII)

5.     Duration    -                            Two days (9:30 a.m.- 5pm)


6.     Workshop attended by -           Ms Priyanka Sapra- (PGT)

                                                        Ms. Inakshi Chaudhry- (PGT)


7.     Date -                                       26th & 27th   December 2016

8.     Venue -                                     Centre of Excellence, Sector 18, Gurugram.


9.   Resource person -                      Mr. S.S. Sehrawat, Mr. Gaurav Palia,

                                                       Ms. Vasumati Viswanathan, Ms.Sugandh Sharma, Ms. Shipra Vaidya.


  10.  Content of the workshop -        (i)  Content of Class XII Accountancy Syllabus

                                                      (ii)  How to make learning of Accountancy more interesting (e.g. Quiz, Crossword Puzzle etc.)

                                                      (iii)  Common Mistakes committed by Students in Previous 5 years Board papers

                                                      (iv) "Inclusiveness in Commerce"

                                                      (v)   Discussion on Project Work in Class XII

                                                      (vi)  Discussion on Companies Act 2013


    11.  Strength -                               82 Teachers from Delhi & NCR Schools

    12.  Plan of implementation-  Content discussed will be implemented in the teaching & learning process in the classroom.                                                 

    13. Synopsis of Report (in the form of a paragraph) - It was a very interesting & productive workshop. It was a great learning experience.

    14.  Attachment of photos: Sent as attachment