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Author Workshop Report for the students of classes VIII - XI

May 02, 2017

DPS, Sushant Lok, in collaboration with The Kool School Books, organized an enlightening workshop for the students of classes VIII - XI with the upcoming author, Mr. Aayush Gupta and his team, on 26th April, 2017 at the school’s auditorium.

In a candid discussion with the children, Mr Gupta revealed that he was the author behind the popular T.V. show, C.I.D. He shared his journey of becoming a novelist. ‘Toppers’ is his first book to get published. He added that he travelled a long way to achieve the success he has today, which is exactly what made his story inspiring. He imparted sagacity about the perks of being a storyteller and how to transform into one. He not only talked about his book but also shared tips on how to write a thriller; discussing the different aspects of story writing - weaving a good story with better understanding of plot, character development, climax, expression and conclusion. 

It was indeed an active interaction between the students and the author; the latter initiating interesting activities to help the learners to discover their hidden ingenuity of a writer. During the course of the workshop the students wrote fascinating stories and many were given the opportunity to read them on the podium.

The session came to an end with the question answer round, followed by sale of books and autograph session.