School News

Cartooning Workshop

May 02, 2017

457 students of DPS, Sushant Lok from classes 4 & 5 attended a workshop on 26th April,2017 on Cartooning organized by Scholastic India Pvt Ltd. Resource person, Mr Ajit Narayan, a freelance professional cartoonist, held the attention of the young minds when he showed them how simple geometrical shapes could be used creatively to make cartoon characters.

The session became more engrossing and interesting when he explained that by changing the vertical and horizontal lines within a circle, we could change the expressions on a cartoon’s face. The placement of eyebrows, eyes and mouth defines the expression on a face.

Ms Leena Singhal, Headmistress Junior School, thanked Mr Ajit for sparing his valuable time and taking a creative cartooning session with the students.