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Street Play, 28th April 2017(Class-V)

May 02, 2017

Street Plays have been an integral part of Indian tradition. The idea of a street play is to propagate social and political messages in a humorous and sarcastic way to create awareness among the masses.


On 28th April 2017, the students of Class-V showed their acting prowess and understanding of social issues in the ‘Nukkad Nataks' they presented. The topics chosen were based on Fundamental Duties- To realize and follow the essential ideals of secularism, democracy and non- violence, To preserve the Culture and Heritage, To respect the National Flag and National Anthem, To protect Natural Resources, To safeguard the public property, To avoid dowry, gambling and other social evils .The creativity and talent of all the students and teachers was well appreciated by the judges and audience.

The result was:



1st Position      :           Chenab House

 Ravi House


2nd Position      :           Jhelum House

Yamuna House


3rd Position      :           Ganges House

Yamuna House