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Aniket Agarwal - Kudos to Young Champ in Martial Arts

‘SUCCESS IS THE SUM OF SMALL EFFORTS, REPEATED DAY IN & DAY OUT’                                   - Robert Collier

Aniket Agarwal of VI D is unbeatable and unstoppable when it comes to prove his mettle in the field of Martial Arts. For him the sky is not the limit. He has brought laurels to his school by winning seven medals in ‘South Asian and South West Taekwondo Championship’ held in Bengaluru from 5th August to 7th August 2016.

He has shown remarkable achievements in the following events:

South Asian Taekwondo Championship :

GOLD MEDAL - Team pattern

GOLD MEDAL - Individual sparring

SILVER MEDAL- Individual pattern

BRONZE MEDAL- Self- Defence 

South West Taekwondo Championship

SILVER MEDAL- Self Defence

BRONZE MEDAL -Team Pattern

BRONZE MEDAL- Individual sparring


Kudos to the Young Champ!