Beyond The Ordinary Student

Writer in making- Shreya Vaish

Shreya Vaish of class VIII F made the school proud by winning the 2nd position in one of the country’s most prestigious and biggest writing competition ‘Write India Junior Contest, an initiative taken by The Times of India that gives a platform to all the aspiring writers.   

Her winning entry entitled ‘They Always Come Up’ centers around the lives of three people- two children on a shopping trip, an expatriate lady on a visit to India to look up a friend and a petty thief who accidentally collide with each other at a bazaar on a hot, dusty afternoon.

Shreya gives the credit of her creative writing to her parents who believe in her passion and let her pursue her goal to be a published author. She also holds her school in high esteem where she found expression of her thoughts in the school magazine ‘Ninad’, besides other online platform.