Senior School(IX-X)

Part-2:Co-Scholastic Areas

Part 2 consists of Co-Scholastic Areas where students are assessed in four parts on a Five Point Grading Scale once in a session

PART 2(A):LIFE SKILLS It consists of-

  • Thinking Skills
  • Emotional Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Life Skills has been incorporated into the curriculum and regular assessment is done during the sessions conducted by the teachers.

    PART 2(B):

    Work Education-Preparation of Stationery Items

  • Tile Painting
  • Candle Making
  • Preparation of Stationery Items
  • Meal Planning (Class IX)
  • Fashion Designing (Class X)
  • PART 2(C):

    Visual and Performing Arts

    This covers activities related to Art, Dance and Music


    Attitudes towards Teachers, Schoolmates, School Programmes and Environment .

    Value systems refers to the framework which must be developed right through Primary to Secondary level.

    Part 3:Co-Curricular Activities

    Part 3 consists of Co-curricular Activities wherein a student participates in any two activities under different categories

    PART 3(A)

  • Literary and Creative Skills- Debate Club
  • Scientific Skills-Maths Club , Pharmacy Club , Eco Club
  • Information and Communication Technology -Computer Club , Animation Club
  • Organizational and Leadership Skills - Heritage Club , Health and Wellness Club
  • A student will be be assessed on their level of participation and achievement.

  • Physical Education
  • Yoga
  • Students will be assessed on these two activities.


    Assessment of Scholastic attainments Part 1 will be reported twice in a year.

    The nine point grading scale for measuring Scholastic achievements is given below:

    Grade Marks Range Grade Point
    A1 91-100 10.00
    A2 81-90 9.0
    B1 71-80 8.0
    B2 61-70 7.0
    C1 51-60 6.0
    C2 41-50 5.0
    D 33-40 4.0
    E1 21-32 3.0
    E2 00-20 2.0

    Minimum qualifying grade in all the subjects under Scholastic Domain is D.

    Note : All assessment with regard to the academic status of the students shall be done in marks and the assessment will be given in grades.

    Co-Scholastic attainments 2(A,B,C& D) and 3(A,B) will be done on a 5 point Scale as given below .It will be done once in a session.

    Grade Grade Point
    A 4.1-5.0
    B 3.1-4.0
    C 2.1-3.0
    D 1.1-2.0
    E 0-1.0

    NOTE: Please refer to the CCE Manual for Middle School by CBSE for further details